“Communication” by Melou (2007)

Band :
Title : Communication
Release Date : March 27, 2020
Label :
Catalog ref. : WAM-001
Format : CD

Having formed in Guatemala and honed their sound from Brooklyn to Barcelona, hailing from Boston all the way to Utrecht, Netherlands, Melou has a sound that is as rich as it is diverse. With a seemingly infinite number of influences, from jazz and blues to the folk tradition of countless countries and generations, their debut release aptly entitled Communication is simply amazing.

Annie Goodchild : vocals
Maarten Swaan : backing vocals, guitar
Dave Bianchi : rhodes, piano, programming
Paco Méndez : double bass
Max Comaskey : electric bass
Phillippe Lemm : drums
Coen Kaldeway : sax
Tyler Brooks : drums
Amandas Jayne : accordion, cat sounds
Miguel de Braganca : electric guitar, backing vocals
Oscar Zanon : mandolin
Francesc Vives – trumpet
Daniel Carbonell : clarinet
Eva Custar : cello
Ivo Saint : violin
Negritos : percussion, flute, vocals

All songs written by Annie Goodchild and Maarten Swaan, except “Bluetro” written by Max Comaskey

Mastered by: Kelly Hibbert
Artwork by: Brooke Borg