“Obre” by Iluminata (2013)

Band :
Title : Obre
Release Date : August 6, 2020
Label :
Catalog ref. : WAM-036
Format : CD

Joan Viñals is well-respected in Catalunya for his mastery of Gypsy Jazz (he was co-founder of popular quintet 5deswing, inspired by the jazz of Django Reinhardt). However, his work with other instruments like the ukulele led him to create a more intimate, audacious project. As a result, Iluminata was conceived in the summer of 2010. From that point, Joan found the means for expressing himself in his own language. Sung in Catalan, Joan gives his very special touch to this beautiful collection of 8 songs….


Joan Viñals / guitar, ukulele, voice
Maarten Swaan / guitars, voice
Xavi Molero / drums
Miguel Serna / bass
Oriol Vidal / violin
Sasha Agranov / cello
Natsuco Sugao / flugelhorn
Amanda Jayne / accordion

produced and recorded by Dave Bianchi
mastered by Kelly Hibbert

“Communication” by Melou (2007)

Band :
Title : Communication
Release Date : August 6, 2020
Label :
Catalog ref. : WAM-001
Format : CD

Having formed in Guatemala and honed their sound from Brooklyn to Barcelona, hailing from Boston all the way to Utrecht, Netherlands, Melou has a sound that is as rich as it is diverse. With a seemingly infinite number of influences, from jazz and blues to the folk tradition of countless countries and generations, their debut release aptly entitled Communication is simply amazing.

Annie Goodchild : vocals
Maarten Swaan : backing vocals, guitar
Dave Bianchi : rhodes, piano, programming
Paco Méndez : double bass
Max Comaskey : electric bass
Phillippe Lemm : drums
Coen Kaldeway : sax
Tyler Brooks : drums
Amandas Jayne : accordion, cat sounds
Miguel de Braganca : electric guitar, backing vocals
Oscar Zanon : mandolin
Francesc Vives – trumpet
Daniel Carbonell : clarinet
Eva Custar : cello
Ivo Saint : violin
Negritos : percussion, flute, vocals

All songs written by Annie Goodchild and Maarten Swaan, except “Bluetro” written by Max Comaskey

Mastered by: Kelly Hibbert
Artwork by: Brooke Borg

“Battery Park” by Melou (2008)

Band :
Title : Battery Park
Release Date : August 6, 2020
Label :
Catalog ref. : WAM-004
Format : CD

After a long and winding road with 40 some-odd shows during the summer of 2007, which brought them through Holland, Germany, Belgium, and England, the band returned to Barcelona in the fall with 12 new songs and a desire to create. Teaming up once again with producer Dave Bianchi at the Emergency Room studios, the group set out to take their unique sound even further for their second album. This time there was a different theme, as the title Battery Park would suggest, “Organic vs. Electronic.”


Annie Goodchild : vocals, vibraphone
Maarten Swaan : acoustic guitar, electric guitar, backup vox
Max Comasky : bass
Jim Lavin : drums, percussion
Miguel Serna : double bass
Sasha Agranov : cello
Coen Kaldeway : sax, flute on “Rum n’ Chase”
Colom Petit : violin
Rebecca Macauley : viola
Emma Gawlinski : flute
Sam Watson : clarinet
Paul Sessions : sousaphone, trumpet


Recorded/ produced by Dave Bianchi

Artwork by Mark Brooks

“Broken Bike” by Maarten Swaan (2011)

Band :
Title : Broken Bike
Release Date : August 6, 2020
Label :
Catalog ref. : WAM-028
Format : CD

The newest album by Maarten Swaan. It is the 2nd solo album (Extended EP) with 6 original songs, one is a duet with wonderful American musician/ artist Leslie Helpert, and a piano track (bonus track).


Xavi Molero – Drums
Miguel Serna – Electric / Double Bass
Claudia Gomez -Piano / Rhodes / Glockenspiel
Leslie Helpert – Voice
Laia Ruis – Violin
Sasha Agranov – Cello
Amanda Jayne – Accordeon
Lorenzo Merghart – Percussion
Maarten Swaan – electric-/ acoustic-/ slide guitar / Voice/ Piano (Noortje)


The design of the album is temporary, Mark Brooks is working on the final design, and it will be up soon. As well as I will let you know when it is available on I-tunes and concerts!

“Skylark” by Melou (2013)

Band :
Title : Skylark
Release Date : August 6, 2020
Label :
Catalog ref. : WAM-043
Format : CD

After five years since their popular full-length album ‘Battery Park,’ Melou brings us an EP of 4 all-new songs, recorded in the spring of 2013. Vocalist Annie Goodchild returns with her soulful voice that in 2009 URB Magazine compared to Amy Winehouse among others.


Annie Goodchild / vocals
Maarten Swaan / guitars, rhodes
Claudia Gomez / keys, synths
Miguel Serna / bass
Xavi Molero / drums
Lisa Bause / violin
Fran Bartlet / cello
Natsuko Sugao / trumpet, flugel

“Voices” by Maarten Swaan (2013)

Band :
Title : Voices
Label :
Catalog ref. : WAM-044
Format : CD

10 new songs recorded by Dave Bianchi and backed up by musicians Xavi Molero on drums, Miguel Serna on bass and Claudia Gómez on piano.  Also Lisa Bause on violin, chello Frances Bartlett and trumpet Natsuko Sugao.

Released July 2013

All songs written by Maarten Swaan

“Write me notes” by Maarten Swaan (2010)”

Band :
Title : Write me notes
Release Date : May 1, 2010
Label :
Catalog ref. : WAM-020
Format : CD

The debut EP from guitarist/songwriter Maarten Swaan. After the breakup of Melou, Maarten decided to go solo, writing a group of songs inspired by nothing more (or less) then … love…. and the sound influenced by the psychedelic rock bands of the late 60s and early 70s. A beautiful concept album, classic sounding with unique vocal arrangements.

Oriol Roca (drums)
Miguel Serna (double /electric bass)
Sasha Agranov (Cello)
Nick Talvola (trunpet)
Àngela Llinares (violin)
Produced/ Mixed/ mastered by Dave Bianchi

Cover foto; Clara Bes, Artwork; Mark Brooks

Year of release: 2010 Format: EP Catalog number: WAM-020