“Broken Bike” by Maarten Swaan (2011)

Band :
Title : Broken Bike
Release Date : August 8, 2020
Label :
Catalog ref. : WAM-028
Format : CD

The newest album by Maarten Swaan. It is the 2nd solo album (Extended EP) with 6 original songs, one is a duet with wonderful American musician/ artist Leslie Helpert, and a piano track (bonus track).


Xavi Molero – Drums
Miguel Serna – Electric / Double Bass
Claudia Gomez -Piano / Rhodes / Glockenspiel
Leslie Helpert – Voice
Laia Ruis – Violin
Sasha Agranov – Cello
Amanda Jayne – Accordeon
Lorenzo Merghart – Percussion
Maarten Swaan – electric-/ acoustic-/ slide guitar / Voice/ Piano (Noortje)


The design of the album is temporary, Mark Brooks is working on the final design, and it will be up soon. As well as I will let you know when it is available on I-tunes and concerts!

“In this together” (2012)

Band :
Title : In this together
Release Date : November 20, 2012
Label :
Format : CD

This Together is a compilation to benefit Sound Art, a unique non-profit organization devoted to providing underprivileged inner city youth a comprehensive, hands-on music education taught by industry professionals. Where budget cuts are creating voids in music education, Sound Art is stepping in to keep music alive as an empowering creative outlet for self-discovery, community involvement, and change.

“Voices” by Maarten Swaan (2013)

Band :
Title : Voices
Label :
Catalog ref. : WAM-044
Format : CD

10 new songs recorded by Dave Bianchi and backed up by musicians Xavi Molero on drums, Miguel Serna on bass and Claudia Gómez on piano.  Also Lisa Bause on violin, chello Frances Bartlett and trumpet Natsuko Sugao.

Released July 2013

All songs written by Maarten Swaan

“Write me notes” by Maarten Swaan (2010)”

Band :
Title : Write me notes
Release Date : May 1, 2010
Label :
Catalog ref. : WAM-020
Format : CD

The debut EP from guitarist/songwriter Maarten Swaan. After the breakup of Melou, Maarten decided to go solo, writing a group of songs inspired by nothing more (or less) then … love…. and the sound influenced by the psychedelic rock bands of the late 60s and early 70s. A beautiful concept album, classic sounding with unique vocal arrangements.

Oriol Roca (drums)
Miguel Serna (double /electric bass)
Sasha Agranov (Cello)
Nick Talvola (trunpet)
Àngela Llinares (violin)
Produced/ Mixed/ mastered by Dave Bianchi

Cover foto; Clara Bes, Artwork; Mark Brooks

Year of release: 2010 Format: EP Catalog number: WAM-020